These Recipes Treat Skin Diseases: Even Psoriasis!
Posted by on 2nd November 2015

The treatment of psoriasis with diet, herbs or homeopathy is extremely hard and only with the help of strong will, perseverance and consistency in the treatment of disease it may be completely cured. In the winter one of the most common reasons for a visit to a dermatologist are heightened symptoms of psoriasis that can worsen during the colder days. This chronic disease is characterized with red patches on the skin that are covered with scales, then dry skin, accompanied by intense itching and thickening of the nail. It comes to worsening of these problems in the winter time of the year due to lack of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, which are a kind of natural therapies for this disease. In this article we present you how to treat psoriasis with diet, teas, ointments and other preparations of the herbs.

These Recipes Treat Skin Diseases Even Psoriasis
These Recipes Treat Skin Diseases Even Psoriasis

What causes psoriasis skin disease?

The disease psoriasis can occur at any age, but usually occurs between 16 and 30 and 50 and 60 years of age. The disease is fairly common among the population, but is not a serious disease that impairs health, but it is primarily unpleasant aesthetic problem. For the treatment of psoriasis naturally, the nature has given us a large number of plants that can help mitigate or even to completely eliminate the unpleasant symptoms. It is assumed that every tenth person carries a gene for the occurrence of these diseases, which of course does not mean that everybody is affected.

The exact cause of psoriasis is unknown even to the present, but chronic stress is considered as one of the most common triggers. Genetics also has its part in increasing the risk, and there is a connection between hormonal changes and the development of psoriasis. At puberty and menopause psoriasis may become more intense, while during pregnancy almost always entails, but is usually repeated once after delivery. Some drugs, such as exposure to chemical substances at work may provoke this disease, and risk factors include obesity and frequent strep throat infections.


The clinical picture of psoriasis is the most characteristic and easily recognizable, and is manifested by the appearance of red spots, clearly limited by the environment, which are eventually covered with dry, weathered, silver-white layers. Red patches on the skin occur most commonly on the scalp, lower back, elbows, knees, nails, and wrists. Skin changes may appear, and then disappear permanently or will be ever-present. There are also more difficult forms when the whole or almost whole  skin is affected that is red, hot, covered with tiny scales veins and this condition requires immediate hospitalization because of the danger of dehydration of the organism, enteropathy, anemia, hypoproteinemia. For the treatment of psoriasis the most important thing is to strengthen the immune system.

In 80 percent of recorded cases, stress is the reason for the disease, and often the disease psoriasis occurs after a major stressful event such as loss of the job or death of our loved people. Actually, the real reason for the appearance of this disease is a sudden loss of immunity, to which inevitably leads the stress. Therefore, the most important in treating psoriasis is strengthen the immune system


In all skin diseases detoxification of the body, particularly the liver has a very significant role. Practice has shown that the symptoms of psoriasis retreat just during detoxification. The detoxification process should take at least several weeks, and that from time to time be repeated. It is particularly important to implement it in late fall – winter season and early spring. During detoxification should be used natural foods, in its origin form, with minimal thermal treatment of the food.

Implied in psoriasis diet completely exclude meat and meat products, canned food, industrial dry spices, almost all sweets, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces artificial, anything containing preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, unhealthy soft drinks, as well as those with sugar, coffee , alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, cheese spreads, pates and all other processed foods. Fried and long-term cooked food is certainly not advisable. Nutrition during this period should be based on common fresh fruits and healing seasonal vegetables, natural freshly squeezed juices, many whole grains, nuts, healthy seeds, cold pressed oils, legumes and occasional tofu, and certainly sufficient quantity of water.


  • Black caraway oil against psoriasis

Black cumin oil is useful in the treatment of various skin diseases, including psoriasis, in which gives excellent results. This oil affects the harmonization of the entire immune system and prevents the autoimmune activity, while valuable gamma-linolenic acid is a great regulator of the inflammatory processes. For the treatment of psoriasis is recommended to use 3 times of 25 drops daily, immediately after a meal.

  • Tea of ​​burdock root is a remarkable natural remedy for psoriasis

Tea made from thistle is one of the most effective teas for detoxification of the body and is traditionally used for treatment of inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Preparation: Boil one tablespoon of burdock root in 3.5 dl. water for about ten minutes and then strain it well. Drink it three times during the day, and make sure that burdock root tea is always freshly prepared.

For the treatment of psoriasis have been shown to be effective many herbs, some of which produce different tea mixtures. We will present you here very effective recipes:

Recipe No.1

Mix the equal parts of the paintbrush, yarrow, nettles and wounded. With a liter of boiled water pour four tablespoons of this mixture and leave covered to stay for at least thirty minutes. Strain the mixture and drink lightly during the day.

Recipe 2:

Mix equal parts of oak bark, willow bark, walnut leaves, nettle and calendula. Take 3 teaspoons of the mixture and cover them with 7 dl of boiling water. Cover it, and leave it to sit for 30 minutes. After, strain the mixture and drink it 3 times a day, before each meal.

This tea is very effective against skin diseases. If you dislike drinking tea, apply black cumin oil on the affected area.